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'Advanced' Assembly Service charges


A copy of our 'Advanced' Assembly Service charges are prominently displayed in all Barnes & Fadden store locations and can be viewed via a link on each page of the Barnes & Fadden website. A copy of this page detailing this service is available upon request from any Barnes & Fadden store.


'Advanced' Assembly Service

Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction when your new purchase is delivered, therefore if your new purchase involves an assembly procedure that is more advanced than our standard delivery & 'set-up' service provides, then for a modest charge, our experienced delivery team will also assemble your goods at the same time they are delivered.


When everything is assembled, our team will remove and take with them, all the product packaging for recycling, leaving you to enjoy your new purchase completely relaxed and stress free...


'Advanced' Assembly Charges:


• Single Bedframe:                                            £15

• Double/King size Bedframe:                           £25

• Super King size Bedframe:                             £30

• Double/King size Storage Bedframe:             £35

• Super King size Storage Bedframe:               £40

• Standard Bunk Beds:                                     £35 (with drawers + £5)

• 3 Door Robe:                                                  £25 (with drawers + £10)

• 4 Door Robe:                                                  £30 (with drawers + £15)

• Sliding door Robes:                                        £30 per door