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Delivery Service, conditions & charges

A copy of our Delivery Service conditions and charges are prominently displayed in all Barnes & Fadden store locations and through links on each page of the Barnes & Fadden website, copies of which are available upon request from any Barnes & Fadden store.


We do not 'hide' our standard delivery charge within our product prices as this would be unfair to many of our customers who perfer to collect or carry away their purchase.


Our standard delivery & 'set-up' service fee (£25) includes taking you order (which may include multiple items) into your room of choice, unpacking and setting up including putting on handles & castors etc. and removing all the product packaging leaving your purchase ready to use.  


Delivery of goods into, and within any home can at times be very difficult, therefore we ask you to take note of the following:


1. Please check before purchase that your new furniture will fit, not only in your room of choice, but also through doorways, hallways, landing areas and up stairwells within your home.


2. Please ensure that you, or a person of responsibility who is over 18 years of age, is present at the premises to receive your new purchase on the day when our delivery team is scheduled to arrive.  This person will be asked to sign our delivery docket to accept that all delivered items have been received in good condition and are fit for purpose.


3. In order that our delivery team has unrestricted passage and access into your room of choice, please ensure that all items that may cause obstruction, including all valuable, delicate and/or personal items, are removed out of harms way, and that the area/room where new items are to be placed/set-up or assembled is also clear.


4. Please ensure that all ‘floor areas’ at the point of entry, and within the premises up to, and within the room of your choice, are suitably covered and protected. Due to Health & Safety requirements, our delivery team are not permitted to remove their foot ware. If requested, our delivery team will wear overshoe covers before entering the premises, but may need to place your purchase on the floor/ground, either inside or outside your property in order to do this.


5. Our experienced delivery team will deliver your new purchase to your front door and upon your invitation, acting with care and under your guidance, supervision and at your own risk, will enter your premises and deliver your new items into your room of choice.

please note that Barnes & Fadden Ltd. or their delivery representatives cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage howsoever caused to floors, floor coverings (including, but not limited to solid wood or wood laminates, carpets, rugs etc.), interior/exterior doors, windows, door/window frames or the interior wall/ceiling décor of your home during the delivery process – an alternative ‘door-step only' delivery service is available at a reduced charge should you be at all concerned.

Please notify Barnes & Fadden before delivery if you would prefer this alternative arrangement to be performed.


6. Unless otherwise documented, all goods that do not require our advanced assembly service will be unwrapped in the room of your choice, and a minor ‘set-up’ procedure performed as required in order to complete the delivery of your new purchase to your satisfaction (i.e. this includes the setting-up of bed bases, mattresses, attaching headboards, dresser tops, table legs and handles on cabinets).


7. Unless documented on the homeowner’s invoice/receipt, the delivery team is not permitted to modify or affix any delivered items or their component parts to walls, floors etc.


8. The delivery team have been instructed not to move or remove any items of property, personal or otherwise, within the homeowner’s premises unless such is documented on the homeowner’s invoice/receipt.


9. All packaging from delivered items will be removed from the premises and recycled.


Delivery Days – Times

1. Except for Bank Holidays, our scheduled delivery days for each week are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday only.


2. You may request your delivery to arrive either: AM (Approximately 8.30am–1.00pm), or PM (approximately 12.00pm–4.30pm/last delivery) however, such requests cannot be guaranteed, as such arrangements can sometimes be affected by circumstances beyond our delivery team’s control (see point 3 below).


3. PLEASE NOTE: From time to time, your delivery may be delayed and/or not arrive as scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances  beyond our delivery teams control, such as manufacture delays, extreme adverse weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, traffic delays etc. In such circumstances, Barnes & Fadden Ltd. or their delivery representatives cannot be held liable for any loss, consequential or otherwise, caused by such delays.  However, Barnes & Fadden Ltd. or our delivery team will liaise with you, and endeavor to deliver your purchase to you either on the same day, or if that is not possible, make an alternative delivery arrangement for another day.


Delivery Charges

In order to maintain our ethos of providing the best value possible for all of our customers, Barnes & Fadden do not 'hide' the price of  our delivery & 'set-up' service within the product price in order to offer a fictious ‘Free Delivery’ service, as this would be unfair to many of our customers who wish to collect their purchase.

We believe our modest standard charge of £25 is exceptional value for the professional 2-man delivery service we provide, which also includes delivery to room of choice and our 'unwrap' & 'set-up' procedure for all bedroom chests, freestanding wardrobes, divan beds & headboards etc.

This service also includes the removal and recycling of all product packaging, irrespective of the number of items delivered.



1 man doorstep delivery within 10 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery within 10 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery within 50 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery up to 100 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery up to 150 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery up to 200 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery over 200 miles:

Standard 2 man delivery - Isle of Wight:

£15 (within Congestion charge zone - additional £10)

£25 (within Congestion charge zone - additional £10)

£25 + 75p per mile

£25 + £1 per mile

£25 + £1.15 per mile

£25 + £1.25 per mile

£25 + £1.35 per mile

£25 + £340 (Includes 2 person return ferry crossing with Van)

Charges based on Google maps driving mileage. Deliveries over 300 miles - please phone 0208 770 0770 for a quotation.