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Recycling/Disposal Service conditions and charges


A copy of our Recycle/Disposal Service conditions and charges are prominently displayed in all Barnes & Fadden store locations and through links on each page of the Barnes & Fadden website. Copies are available upon request from any Barnes & Fadden store.


1. PLEASE NOTE, Do not place old items due for collection/recycling/disposal by Barnes & Fadden Ltd. outside your home.

Our delivery team are instructed not to touch or remove old beds, mattresses or furniture if they are placed outside your home and are exposed to the elements (even if they are dry and covered), irrespective of any charge that may have been made for their removal. The homeowner will then have to make their own disposal arrangements with the local council, and a refund of the Barnes & Fadden removal/recycle/disposal service will be made.


2. Subject to vehicle space constrictions, the removal/recycle/disposal service is normally provided on a like-for-like (or similar) basis at the same time as your new furniture is delivered, but only if pre-booked and documented before your delivery arrives.


3. Should you change your mind after purchase (but before your deliverey has been made) and require your old items to be removed for recycling/disposal, then please contact Barnes & Fadden on 0208 770 0770, where we will be happy to arrange this service for you at the applicable charge listed below.


4. Under no circumstances can the removal/recycle/disposal service be arranged with the delivery team when they call ‘on the day’.


5. We ask customers to ensure that old beds, frames, mattresses etc. pre-arranged for removal/recycling, are stripped of all linen, and dismantled as much as possible prior to delivery.  This includes all wooden and metal bedframes, Bed surrounds, Bunk/Cabin beds, large sectional wardrobes etc., otherwise the delivery team may not be able to remove such items from your home or complete your new delivery at that particular time.


6. Should our delivery team be unable to complete your delivery due to circumstances highlighted in point 5 above, then an alternative date will be made to complete your delivery/removal, irrespective of all prior date or time arrangements made for the performance of this service.


Disposal/Recycle Charges

 • Single Mattress:                                                £20

• Double/King size Mattress:                               £30

• Super King size Mattress:                                 £40

• Single Matt + Bed Base/frame:                         £30

• Double/King size Matt + Bed Base/frame:        £45

• Super King size Matt +Bed Base/frame:           £60

• Standard Bunk Beds:                                        £35

• Triple Bunk Beds/Cabin Beds:                          £55

• Bedside chest:                                                  £10

• Chest of drawers:                                              £20

• 2 Door Robe:                                                     £25                                                                                                                      

• 3 Door Robe:                                                     £35

• 4 Door Robe:                                                     £45

• Sofa Bed:                                                           £40

• Large Sofa(4 seater):                                         £40

• Std. Sofa(3 seater):                                            £35

• Small Sofa(2 seater):                                         £30

• Chair:                                                                 £15

• Footstool:                                                           £10